A Silent Disperse.

Today was the day, Jovial of all. They were finally going to see each other. The kids joy was on ninth heaven.

His father was a brave Solider, protecting the country. He was on an ordeal. But the news of his son’s birth was his resolute reason to return.

The son who had heard great stories of his fathers courage and warfare, had a longing to see him. Just a two-year old lad had thousands of flight of Fancy.


After the exaggerate two years, the task was over. The man was heading back after the triumph over the enemies. But this was all the illusion, the foes had their own plan. The subdued ordeal initiated out of the blue. The father’s task seem to weigh more for the country then for the love for this Son. Mother nation had to be protected by the solider. But the son was unaware of it.

For everything god fixes a cost. And this combat ended with the life of the solider. The gallant solider had given up his life for the mother nation.

Son was awaiting for his father at the doorsteps since he had heard of his father’s arrival. Little did he know martyr solider was returning. His chivalrous achievements echoed in the riffle fire.

The son saw the benevolent father and gallant solider on the same day. He cried for this loss, but had the repletion to see a hard ball solider. In the whereabouts of despair and pride, the son promised, “I’ll take care of mother. Father,Rest in Peace. I’m proud of you”.




Too Young: Too Old


Too young to face problems,

Too young to drive alone,

Too young to shop alone,

Too young to talk to strangers,

Too young to make decisions.


Phase: 2,

Too old to exercise,

Too old to play games/pranks,

Too old to have fun,

Too old to make new friends,

Too old to Start a life.

The world of all, struck across, “Too Old or Too young”. It’s never the age to determine what to do.

The will and perseverance can make anything happen.

So, wear the crown of Tasks, with the Chin Up and conquer everything before Its Time Up.



Expression & Moves

Admiration for certain concepts is human behavior. For me this art of admiration is DANCE. I was never been a good dancer, but always felt jealous of people who could Dance. In mere future when I wish to develop some art, it would be Dance.


Dance has always been a sync combo of face, hand gestures and leg moves. How well the dancer is can be judged by the way he plays these three assets to spell the viewers.  Even if one of them is missing the Dance is incomplete. Indian forms: Bharatnatyam, Kuchupudi & Kathakalli and International forms: Salsa, Hip-Hop & Wacking Cutting are all so renowned and have their own imprints in theatre. Rich glory of the artists adds the icing on the cake.

So whichever form of Dance let it Be, enjoy it to the satisfaction of your Soul. “Dance is the Language of the Soul” ❤ . !!!


A Warrior, strong as steel but soft as petals, costumed to fight for the world she shadowed. There was no void for intruders. But it was time for time to play the trick.

Time placed the gallant Hero on her path. Skip of beat was all it took to generate the spark. The walls she beseeched were sabotaged by his smile. Moments it took for some alien feeling to tingle her purpose. The hero was a charmer, wove sweet sweater of words for the infatuation to grow. Little did the warrior knew about this passion and she floated down the valley.


Hero distinct in thoughts and views had a different track on mind. Warrior was just a stepping hump on his road of victory. He chose his charm over combat to conquer the warriors world . Warrior thought the infatuation to be Love and surrendered in the ocean. But Hero concurred the Island she owned and rode over the ocean she had surrendered for his love.

The illusion was harsh. the reality slapped the warrior and was  lone soul on the path of unceasing………









I’m an introvert, you don’t ask I don’t tell. Sometimes I fear of annoying the person by talking to them. Other-time is just the answer that terrifies me . Most often people tend to take me so grantedly, their replies are just agreeing monosyllables. This world is mean, but that does make it exist-able, else whats the fun in living in White. Life’s meant to be Rainbow. Shine bright,live long, merry dance and regret nothing…….!!<3



A Fantasy-“Love”

Who do you love? : The one who does not love me.

Why do you love? : He made me fall and love him.

What is love? : Anything to do with his happiness.

How you love? : By caring for him and keeping him on top priority list.

How does your Love not love You? : At times choosing people over Me and deserting Me.


Whats dark side of love? : To be not loved back.

What’s regret in love? : Unable to move on-Memories.

A Never want to hear line from the partner? : “I never loved You”.

One line you always want to hear? : “I love You”.

Name your love? : “My Heart ❤ Remembers”.





Agony and Endurance

That day she woke up

NO idea? What the day would bring on,

As usual it seemed though

Had a nasty pack of downfalls;

Fate had a Game Run on Plan:

That she would be sabotaged at the end of THE DAY.

Despair she stood……..

Hoping for the strength and courage,

To render from the Departed Soul.

So happened, the day ended with an ordeal test,

Of emotions and duties.

But at the end she emerged conquering all the fears,

For the sake of loved ones she had.






Haaa….!!! A phase of everyone’s life….The Difficult Times. Do always remember these three people after it:


THE 3D’s

  • The person who helped you in difficult times
  • The person who left you during your difficult times
  • The one who put you in that time

Enjoy these D’s and be enlightened “For every cloud has to move for the Sun to Shine”.


A hand to find

When you fall:

A shoulder to find

When you wanna cry:

A companion to want

When you wanna narrate:

A silence you want

In the saddest mood:

A walk to remember

After a long day:

A love to cherish

For a Lifetime:

What could be more Valuable

At the end of the Day

If you have the treasure of all the above……:-)