Some meadows give me the shrill, for the misty fogs that pass.

Do I remember something?. The Good spirits.!

The swings that swung up the air,

For me to sing a song,

Narrate a fable,

Even join my friends on an argument.

Slide me through thoughts out on a slide.

Giant to miniature bumps of life.

See-Saw the triumphs and defeat of the ordeal test I encounter.

Let me  play in the playground underneath the shadows of the moon, the rays of the sun and the wrath of the winter.

For all I care is to be vivacious.


My New Journey.

It’s been long time since I have been posting but the reason is this blogger has shifted to a 9-5 Job.

You know what?

The transition from being a student to an employer is quite challenging on a personal level. Here you need to change your attitude, dress code, language, etiquettes, timings and priorities. It is a complete 180° transformation I can conclude.

My first day at job was quite a tale.

My first relocation as well. Shifting to a whole new environment, living as a paying guest is all very new for me. But what drives me every day to work is the zeal to achieve my dreams which I have been seeing since I was 10.

Undertaking new challenges is a package of the Job and completing it successfully the delivery.

So everybody has surely undergone this phase in your life where you leave your family behind and shift to a new place with new people with different cultures and backgrounds. 😊

Don’t forget to share your stories in the comment section.😉

Have a Great Day❤️


What’s in the air these days, Gloomy and dull. Or, is it me who has no mood to move out. Stuck in the walls of the hall. I sit cuddle to my couch and imagine all sought of Drama that actually never happens.

Do you also go through such days, when you feel cut-off from the outside world?



Happy in the solitude of one’s self. Once you realize that the mask of outside world is far of one’s concern. You start to blemish your true self. Because at the end you are here to write the book of your life. Don’t leave the pages Empty or disdained for others to judge. But fill it with glimpses and enlightenment of one’s self.


It is killing when we miss someone. I really loved the word emotions.



I could write a million letters, each one the same as the last in sentiment and cadence. They stay the same, only the word arrangement changes. It boils down to one thing, I miss you. You should be here. Ultimately, no one knows if that is selfish or not and even if it is, to hell with the rest of the world and their opinions. You should be here. I miss you. Your pretty eyes, beautiful smile, wily heart, torn mind, and kind, tortured soul. My heart is missing an integral piece, a part that keeps it from working correctly. When will I let go?

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Beyond Recall

You see him smile,

You see him laugh,

You see him depressed,

You be by his side incessantly.

But you also Notice:

Him unconcerned of your presence,

Him ignore you,

Him presume,

For you he meant the world.

But His world was an Exclusion of You.

For love is like a Clap.

It requires two palms,

As one hand can’t row till the bank.

For love is above Ego not Self-respect.

“Submit to the feeling of Love, But don’t make yourself the Submissive of Your Mate”




Fridge-the all time Deity ;-)

When I’m Hungry….

When I’m Bored…

When I’m Angry…

When I’m Sad…

When I’m Happy…

When I’m Hurt….

I search my answers in the fridge.

For fridge is my all time Deity.

Wondering whats inside the fridge???

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FFills voids

OOverwhelming feel


DDoesn’t betray.





Let’s a play a Game. A game of words. A game of wisdom. Okay, its just a small instance of my today’s mind thoughts. 😉

The world tagged her jealous but little did they know that she always believed in the notion, “Whats mine shall always be mine. I don’t like to share”.

A slight difference exists between being protective and possessive. Protect the people you love. But don’t choke the person you possess. Usually its just the word play that confuses the mind. A slight hinder to meaning can destroy somebody’s life.

Another here Love and Like. I had once loved a boy so much. But he was so unaware of it. But my love and his liking did not clash. Now we are two strangers with just love and like memories.

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